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Welcome to Infinergy Pacific

Infinergy Pacific is a developer of solar and wind energy projects in Australia and New Zealand. The company successfully developed Metz Solar Farm, a 120-megawatt solar farm near Armidale in New South Wales. When built, the project will be one of the largest solar farms in New South Wales, meeting the annual electricity demand of up to 40,000 average homes. That is well over half of the 66,000 homes in New England. We have also started developing the 200-megawatt Bookaar Solar Farm near Camperdown in Victoria, having submitted a planning application for the proposed development in August 2018. 

Infinergy Pacific is a subsidiary of Infinergy Limited, a wind and solar development company active in the UK and The Netherlands since 2003. In Australia, our team is working on a development pipeline of approximately 300 megawatts, which we are looking to expand. If you are interested in hosting a solar or wind farm on your land, please get in touch.