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Bookaar Solar Farm refused

Corangamite Shire to miss out on local jobs and $150m of investment

26 September 2018

Despite their officers’ recommendation for approval, yesterday Corangamite Shire Councillors denied planning permission for Bookaar Solar Farm, the solar PV development proposal of up to 200MW at Meningoort near Camperdown.

Ignoring the professional advice of the planners and referral agencies, Councillors sided with a small but vocal minority of residents, and voted to withhold planning consent.

Spokesman for the project Richard Seymour commented: “This is a tremendous disappointment. Councillors have gone against their own Planning Department’s professional recommendation, mainly driven by a concern about the alleged loss of agricultural land. As we have explained all along, Bookaar Solar Farm is a temporary structure and it would only take 0.2% of available agricultural land in Corangamite Shire. It would have brought $150m of investment to the Shire, generating 150 construction jobs and up to 12 full time jobs – it is clear that local people have hugely missed out.”

Mr Seymour continued: “We would like to thank all of our supporters and those who have participated in constructive consultation. We will now go back to the drawing board to consider our options. This is a very good project and it is worth fighting for.”

Infinergy Pacific submit plans for 200-MW Bookaar Solar Farm in Victoria

10 August 2018 

Infinergy Pacific have submitted plans for Bookaar Solar Farm, a 200-MW solar PV development situated 10 km north of Camperdown in South West Victoria, to Corangamite Shire Council on behalf of Bookaar Renewables Pty Ltd. The proposed solar farm is expected to generate up to 420Gwh of zero-carbon electricity per year. Its operational life is expected to span up to 30 years. To view the planning report and accompanying documents, please click here. If you have any questions on the submission please do not hesitate to contact our team through the 'Contact' page.   


Boralex and Infinergy announce joint venture for 325 MW onshore wind in the UK

17 October 2017

Renewable energy developers Boralex Inc. (TSX: BLX) from Canada and UK-based Infinergy are pleased to announce the execution of a 50-50 joint venture agreement, aimed at developing a pipeline of onshore wind projects essentially located in Scotland for a total estimated capacity of 325 MW.

The joint venture comprises a pipeline of 10 wind projects varying from 6 to 80 MW and would allow Boralex to acquire or resell the projects over the coming years. The projects are at different stages of development, from early stage to being on the verge of full authorization.

“With Scotland’s strong political will to support the growth of all its renewable energy sources, we are excited to start working with our new partners Infinergy,” said Patrick Lemaire, President and Chief Executive Officer of Boralex. “We are confident that Boralex will be able to contribute its unparalleled experience as a wind developer to complement Infinergy’s. We share the common objectives to develop, build and operate as many projects as possible over the next 5 to 7 years.”

“Working together with Boralex enables Infinergy to continue its successful track record of developing onshore wind energy projects", said Esbjörn Wilmar, Chief Executive of Infinergy Ltd. "We are very pleased to team up with a new partner who shares our positive outlook on renewable energy in general and the opportunities for onshore wind in Scotland in particular.”

Infinergy has delivered more than 350 MW of onshore wind projects in the UK, achieving an 80% success rate to date. To achieve the development phase of the projects, Boralex and Infinergy have committed to investing a total of £6.6m ($Cdn 10.9M) until the end of 2019 (£5.5m for Boralex or $Cdn 9.1M). With close to 70 MW of other wind projects already being developed by Boralex in Scotland, this joint venture allows the company to materially increase its future footprint as well as taking advantage of the significant Scottish wind resource. Infinergy will act as the principal developer of the joint venture projects.



Infinergy Pacific sells 120MW Metz Solar Farm

23 March 2018

Renewable energy developers Infinergy Pacific have sold Metz Solar Farm, a solar project with an installed capacity of approximately 120 megawatts, to clean energy investors. When built, the project will be one of the largest solar farms in New South Wales, meeting the annual electricity demands for up to 40,000 average homes. That is over half of the 66,000 households in New England.

Metz Solar Farm is situated near Hillgrove, 20 kilometres east of Armidale. The annual greenhouse gas emissions displaced by the project are expected to be equivalent to 225,000 tonnes of CO2. It will also save up to 350,000 mega litres of clean drinking water compared to a coal-fired power station.

The project was developed by Infinergy Pacific, a subsidiary of UK-based renewable energy company Infinergy Ltd, who obtained planning permission for Metz Solar Farm in July 2017.   

Infinergy CEO Esbjorn Wilmar commented: “We are delighted to have achieved the successful development and the subsequent sale of Metz Solar Farm, all within a timeframe of 18 months. This project is part of a wider portfolio of solar farms we are working on in Australia. By the end of this year, we expect to have secured development rights including grid connections for another 300 megawatts of solar, both in New South Wales and Victoria”.

The successful development of Metz Solar Farm builds on Infinergy’s established track record as a renewable energy developer in the UK and The Netherlands. Over the last 10 years the company has been involved in the successful development of over 30 projects, totalling approximately 1000 MW in a combination of onshore wind and solar developments.

Mr Wilmar continued: “We are looking to expand our portfolio in Australia and New Zealand, both in solar and wind developments. The Metz Solar Farm has put us on the map in Australia, and we are keen to take things to the next level.”